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  • Sunnpol was awarded “The First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong” Source: Release Time:2020/04/02

    Recently,Sunnypol received the Science and Technology Award certificate of Guangdong  from People's Government of Guangdong province. The project “Research and  Industrialization of the Key Technology of Wide TFT Polarizer“ won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong.

    The project “Research and Industrialization of the Key Technology of Wide TFT Polarizer“ requires multidisciplinary study and research,which involve liquid crystal physics, photoelectric information technology, polymer material science , polymer chemistry, etc. This achievement is the consequence of our emphasis on long-term development of R&D team and encouraging innovation in Sunnypol, and it fully affirms the product development power of Sunnypol.

    For a long time, advanced techniques of polarizer production were controlled by foreign companies and we could hardly seek help from outside, as western countries blockaded China. TFT polarizer, one of the kernel components of liquid crystals displays, was monopolized by Japanese and Korean companies for many years, which limits the development of flat panel display industry in China. In 2009, Zhang Jianjun and his team strived to tackle technical problems and finally built the first wide (1490mm) TFT polarizer line in China and went to full production in 2013. The products from Sunnypol had reached the top standard of the industry in the world. Furthermore, Sunnypol continued to expand business and built another three TFT polarizer lines in Shenzhen and Hefei,supporting domestic high generation LCD panel companies. The success of Sunnypol in TFT polarizer industrialization will certainly help to improve the industrial chain of flat panel display industry in China and promote our strengths and international competition abilities.

    Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong,issued by People's Government of Guangdong province every year,is one of the most honorable science awards in Guangdong.  Sunnypol will always stand on the front line of innovation and endeavor to become the first-class polarizer company in the world.